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August 1, 2019

Clutter is easily accumulated, often difficult to dispose of, and a hazard to your facilities.

By clutter I mean those couple of extra desks, the 5’ wide roll of butcher paper left over from “that” project, the sets from the school play twelve years ago, etc.

Stuff just seems to accumulate. Often someone feels that the items can be used again – some day; or that someone will be able to use that – if only we can find that someone; or, we have the space, so what is the harm?

The harm may be that it b...

July 30, 2019

Just Imagine…

Overcast. Cold. Sleeting. Roger walks into the lobby of his office as he does every workday.  Suddenly, he feels an incredible pain in his right knee and a throbbing pain in his head.  He also realizes he’s looking up at the ceiling.  As he is bundled up into the ambulance, the facility manager realizes that if the wet floors in the lobby had been mopped this could have been avoided.

Properly managing a facility’s risk makes financial sense, but most importantly greatly inc...

July 18, 2019

One often overlooked preventive maintenance task is re-coating guiderail / handrail posts.  While the rail itself may be visually inspected, few look at the base.

Typically set into concrete, the bases of the posts are often heavily rusted. In cold winter regions harsh salts used for de-icing exacerbate this problem.  Likewise, coastal areas can be impacted by salt spray, fine mists of which can be carried quite far from the coast.

It is recommended that guiderail / handrail posts be inspected at...

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