Cost Effective Strategic Facility Solutions for
Non-Profit  and Religious Organizations

Deferred maintenance is an endemic problem for non-profit organizations.  Squeezed for money, non-profits typically forego required maintenance to fund their core services.


A non-profit's facility represents the organization's mission; in addition it should provide a welcoming space for stake-holders and board members.  The facility also requires the same level of maintenance and management as a similar asset owned by a for-profit organization.


Frequently those needs are met by sound facility leadership and management techniques that are not typically adopted by volunteer boards and paid staff.  Dowler Construction Services brings these techniques to your organization.

Many non-profits face the same problems:  insufficient funding; stable programming issues; poor capital planning; huge backlog of deferred maintenance; poor financial management of the operating and maintenance (O&M) budget; and an ineffective (and sometimes unhealthy) work / service environment.  Even worse is that many non-profits are not aware that there are opportunities to make huge improvements.

To deliver the core missions supported by the non-profit, the organization needs to stay focused on the core values they provide their target community.  


Typically non-profits choose to place their largest overhead cost, their greatest influence on customer service, their custodian of 86% of the whole life cost of their assets with a single handyman / custodian and a revolving volunteer building committee - neither of whose core business is  Strategic Facility Management (SFM).  Non-profits hire legal and financial experts because of their statutory knowledge, competency and experience.  Why would they not do the same to help manage their facility?

Dowler Construction Services offers a different approach that enables non-profits to leverage the relationship with one company to help manage their facilities.  We provide a cost effective alternative which enables non-profits to draw upon a wider range of facility skill-sets to create the facility solutions they need.  


Review each of the services we provide to learn more.  Then contact us to discuss how we can work together to maximize the potential of your facility.