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Strategic Facilities Operational Plan

Dowler Construction Services reviews the organization's strategic plan to understand the vision and goals of the non-profit and their plan on how to get there.  A Strategic Facilities Operational Plan (SFOP) is created to complement and support the strategic plan.

Facilities are an integral component of delivering services.  They can either support - or impede - the effective delivery of services.


By bringing facilities into alignment with the organization's strategic plan, a Strategic Facilities Operational Plan (SFOP) will clearly lay out the necessary action steps needed to reach the goals of the strategic plan.

A Strategic Facilities Operational Plan (SFOP) can also be used as part of an integrated fund-raising program.  Potential donors don't necessarily look for a conventional return - they want to see that their money is used effectively in an environment that has efficient practices in place.

Strategic Facilities Operational Plan
COntinuing Operations Plan (COOP) (aka "disaster plan", "contingency plan", "emergency plan")


Recent events highlight the need for an effective comprehensive, easy-to-use COOP.  Tragic events such as the fury of super Storm Sandy or tornadoes or wildfires or flooding are obvious planning imperatives.  However, more likely scenarios are often overlooked - the chemical spill from a rolled over tanker truck, or the squirrel which chews through a high power line, or a flu epidemic.  Dowler Construction Services will develop / enhance the plan to make it effective and easy to use.

​The need to anticipate, endure, and recover from an event is vital for the continuity of the program delivery process.  Your user-friendly COntinuing Operations Plan will ...


  • be easy to navigate

  • allow for clear, easy-to-understand communications

  • identify potential hazards

  • identify course-of-action options

  • allow for rapid return of services

COntinuing Operations Plan
Risk Management
In an increasingly litigious society it seems not even non-profits are immune from frivolous lawsuits.  And unfortunately, because of the condition of many non-profit facilities, legitimate insurance claims are not uncommon.  Dowler Construction Services will review the existing risk management program and develop / enhance an effective program which will mitigate potential problems.

Combining the findings within the Facility Condition Report with development of a scheduled inspection process can greatly mitigate risk.


  • Risk will be identified as "priority one" findings in the Facility Condition Report so that the organization can easily begin the process of mitigation.

  • Creation of a logical, easily performed inspection checklist allows for a documented, thorough review of the facility.

  • Archived inspection reports provide supporting documentation in the event of a claim.

  • Progress toward making the facility inherently safer is measurable.

Risk Management

Sustainability is the industry term for "green."  It is an all-encompassing program which includes green cleaning, alternative energy sources, indoor air quality, energy efficiency, storm-water management, and recycling among other initiatives.  Dowler Construction Services will develop programs which integrate the different disciplines.


Embracing sustainable initiatives will be a game changer for the organization ...


  • be seen as a leader in the community

  • being progressive can be a vital recruitment / retention tool

  • reduce operating costs

  • be highly attractive to potential donors

  • reduce environmental footprint

  • improve productivity 

  • adoption involves few to no risks to business operations

  • support goals such as accordance with Laudato Si

Energy / Water Management

Energy costs rise when maintenance is neglected.  And when energy / water consumption isn't monitored there is no way to gauge the effectiveness of improvements.  Dowler Construction Services will actively manage energy / water usage through the development of strategic management programs.

An effective management program will ...

  • reduce operating costs

  • identify variances in usage and lead to corrective action

  • demonstrate effective stewardship of resources

  • demonstrate to potential donors another tool that the organization uses to show its commitment to using its resources efficiently

  • demonstrate a sustainability program which quantifies improvement

Energy / Water Management
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