Facility Condition Assessment (FCA)
It is a well known truth that you cannot improve what isn't measured.  Every credible process improvement begins with a benchmarking system.

Dowler Construction Services uses a tool known as the Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) to establish a baseline for your school.

Our Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) is an extensive on-site survey of every system.   We utilize plans, interviews, and physical inspections to create a report outlining issues found, and priorities of correction.

Using the Facility Condition Report (FCR) during planning processes for program delivery, funding, and recruitment/retention, as well as maintenance, will help staff allocate resources by identifying priorities proactively rather than reactively.
By commissioning a Facility Condition Assessment the organization will ...


  • identify areas of deferred maintenance

  • be able to create a programmed maintenance plan, and reduce operating expenses

  • produce accurate operating & maintenance (O&M) budgets to facilitate planning, and better manage cash flow

  • identify needed capital expenditures and their timing to facilitate planning and better cash flow management

  • be in a better position to manage facility assets to preserve or extend asset life

  • enhance risk management as priority repair items are identified

With the completed Facility Condition Report, staff will have confidence in their assumptions in developing budgets, prioritizing corrective action, identifying areas of waste, and better managing risk.

Programmed Maintenance
Lack of a routine and scheduled maintenance program negatively impacts the fiscal health of the school and the environmental health of the school - both directly affect the delivery of effective educational programs.  When maintenance is neglected, operating costs increase and asset lives shorten.  Dowler Construction Services will work with maintenance staff to develop an effective program.
By making maintenance routine ...


  • operating costs will be reduced

  • asset life will be preserved, or even extended

  • risk management will be improved by ensuring life safety systems are inspected per code

  • an accurate, fact-based operating and maintenance (O&M) budget will be developed

  • reliability and availability will be increased

  • there will be a shift from reactive to proactive practices

  • a demonstrable maintenance plan will support a financing package

  • productivity is improved

Asset Management  
In order to properly preserve or even enhance asset life, it is essential to inventory all of the school's capital assets.  Dowler Construction Services produces the inventory and then enters all of the components into a cloud-based asset tracking program.  As repairs or maintenance are performed, that information is entered into the system thereby creating an easily accessed history for that asset.


By managing the asset inventory ....


  • return on assets (ROA) will be improved

  • accurate assessments of functional life will be developed to assist in accurate capital planning

  • recurring repairs will be flagged to identify assets which may be experiencing warranty / recall issues

  • utilization and performance will be optimized

  • an accurate programmed maintenance plan will be developed

  • with the programmed maintenance plan, an accurate operating and maintenance (O&M) budget will be developed

  • "what if" budget questions will be more easily answered

  • warranty information is centralized

  • risk management is enhanced as accurate records are maintained and easily accessed

 Work Order Management
Simple hassles such as a clogged toilet, or complex problems such as a stuck elevator, distract from the core programs.  Dowler Construction Services offers responsive, accountable management of service requests and maintenance tasks with a cloud-based work order request system.

An organized system to receive service requests or schedule maintenance tasks allows for ...


  • an electronic trail to assess timeliness of response

  • access to the status of the request / service

  • integration with the Asset Management program

  • improved staff and student performance

  • improved reliability and availability of program space