• Chris Dowler, FMP


Clutter is easily accumulated, often difficult to dispose of, and a hazard to your facilities.

By clutter I mean those couple of extra desks, the 5’ wide roll of butcher paper left over from “that” project, the sets from the school play twelve years ago, etc.

Stuff just seems to accumulate. Often someone feels that the items can be used again – some day; or that someone will be able to use that – if only we can find that someone; or, we have the space, so what is the harm?

The harm may be that it becomes the fuel for a fire if improperly thrown near a heating device; or it may become a convenient home for pests; or they may impede egress paths for emergency evacuations; or important fire doors may be blocked open.

By consistently monitoring storage spaces – whether spaces designed for storage or unintended spaces such as the unused areas under stairs – and disposing of the clutter, the task becomes less daunting.

It also allows for better management of resources as some materials are repeatedly purchased when there is an ample supply hidden behind bookshelves or other clutter.

Finally, removing clutter creates a safer facility, and that is the ultimate goal.

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