• Chris Dowler

FMP Credential

I was recently credentialed as a Facility Management Professional (FMP) through the International Facility Management Association (IFMA). To become an FMP, I had to show competency in four strategic areas:

- Finance and Business

- Project Management

- Operations and Maintenance

- Leadership and Strategy

While many of the techniques and practices are more pertinent to large facilities and portfolios of facilities - not our target market - there are many nuggets to be gleaned. We have already begun applying some of the best practices I learned through the credentialing process to our clients.

The most important aspects of taking the course were a confirmation that we are already providing the best practices in many areas, and that a holistic approach to managing facilities is the most effective way to transform facilities into a strategic asset.

We will continue to utilize best practices as they apply to our clients. And we will continue to educate ourselves so that we can be the most valuable partner to our clients.


Chris Dowler, FMP

Founder and Owner

Dowler Construction Services

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