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Cost Effective Strategic Facility Solutions for
Investment Property Owners

Whether you are a commercial property owner, owner / user, or potential investor in real estate, your facility should be leveraged to gain a strategic competitive advantage.  What types of advantages?

  • lower operating costs

  • higher net operating income (NOI)

  • increased asset value

  • higher tenant satisfaction

  • reduced vacancies

  • improved capital planning

  • lower common area maintenance (CAM) fees

  • reduced risk exposure

  • the freedom to focus on core competencies

To be competitive, small businesses need to stay focused on the value they add in the marketplace.  Because operating your facility is not a cost effective use of time, and because few owners have the skill set to properly operate and maintain their facility, it is essential to find cost effective facility solutions.

Typically you have chosen to place your largest overhead cost, your greatest influence on cash flow, your custodian of 86% of the whole life cost of your assets with a single handyman, or you try to handle things yourself - neither of whose core business is Strategic Facility Management (SFM).  You hire legal and financial experts because of their statutory knowledge, competency, and experience. Why would you not do the same to help manage your facility?


Dowler Construction Services provides performance-based strategic facility management solutions which are easy to implement, easy to track, and have a positive impact on the bottom line.  By customizing services unique to each facility or portfolio, we provide flexibility when it comes to facility management for asset preservation.

Review each of the services we provide to learn more.   Then contact us to discuss how we can work together to maximize the potential of your facility or portfolio. 


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