Strategic Facility Management (SFM)

Strategic Facility Management (SFM) is a programmed system of optimizing both the effective delivery of services and the economic value of a facility. 

Often organizations consider facilities - the brick and mortar - as a cost rather than as a strategic asset.  There needs to be an organizational shift in attitude. 


Any building is just a commodity if it isn't tightly sync'ed with the organization's strategic plan.  Therefore facilities need to be leveraged to gain a strategic, competitive advantage.

Whether you're an educational facility, non-profit organization, commercial property owner, investor in real estate, or a religious institution, Strategic Facility Management (SFM) is critical to the long term success of your investment and core missions.

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Frequently this paradigm shift requires the sound facility leadership and management techniques that are not typically adopted by school administrators, pastors, volunteer boards, or investment property owners.  Dowler Construction Services provides performance-based strategic facility management solutions which are easy to implement, easy to track, and have a positive impact on the bottom line.  


Our years of experience have shown that managing a facility properly requires a continual, but not necessarily continuous, effort.  We offer a different approach than the traditional in-house facility model.  Performance-based strategic facility management is a customizable, scalable approach that enables organizations to leverage a relationship with one company to effectively manage their facilities.

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