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Our Client's Tenant

Mid-price point Retail Clothier

Tenant Outreach / Energy Savings


Tenant occupied 1,500 SF of a mixed use facility in a suburban community.  Despite having a northern window orientation (meaning minimal solar heat gain in the summer) the tenant was experiencing very high monthly electrical costs due to near-constant running of the air conditioning during operating hours.


As part of its tenant outreach service Dowler Construction Services investigated alternatives.  Dowler Construction Services was already providing facility asset management for the landlord and had a programmed maintenance plan in place for the complex so mechanical issues were ruled out.  At the tenant's request, Dowler Construction Services priced additional cooling capability.  It was proposed to install supplemental cooling at a cost of $8,600.  After carefully looking at the space, one hundred thirty (130) 65watt incandescent track light lamps were identified as being powered during operating hours.  Dowler Construction Services recommended replacing the incandescent lamps with comparable LED lamps to reduce the heat load.  The cost to replace the lamps was $2,390.

Advantage Realized by Client:

Tenant's summer electric bill immediately dropped by $900 over the similar period.  In addition tenant's winter electric bill showed a modest decrease over the similar period due to the greater efficiency of the LED lamps.  Finally, replacement of lamps was extended from 2 1/2 years for the incandescent lamps to slightly less than 8 years for the LEDs.  By avoiding an $8,600 capital investment, saving over $1,000 per year in electrical usage, and saving over $5,000 to twice swap out bulbs, Dowler Construction Services helped tenant and client gain a competitive advantage.

Case Study

Owner / User with Tenants

Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Plan


Client constructed a new facility to house his expanding business and some unrelated tenants.  Client did not plan for nor know how to effectively maintain the project to minimize operating and maintenance (O&M) expenses and enhance asset value.  One example: client was "told" the septic system (there are no sewers in this locality) needed to be pumped every 5 years.


Dowler Construction Services was contracted six months after initial occupancy to develop and oversee an O&M plan.  Dowler Construction Services knew the septic had to be addressed immediately.  Upon inspection it was found that the septic tank was full and the filter clogged.  The system was within 48-72 hours of backing up into a medical tenancy on the first floor.

Advantage Realized by Client:

Dowler Construction Services had the system immediately pumped to alleviate the pressure on the waste system.  Probable cost to disinfect and repair interior damage to the medical tenant was $1,800.  Not calculated was potential loss due to tenant's business interruption and loss of goodwill with tenant.  Dowler Construction Services now has the facility on a regular pump schedule to ensure timely removal of waste and to protect the integrity of the entire septic system.  Dowler Construction Services helped client gain a competitive advantage by minimizing repair costs and maintaining a good tenant / landlord relationship.

Potential Facility Purchaser

Facility Condition Assessment


Client was eagerly looking at an abandoned, water damaged, vandalized, 10 unit apartment building in an urban area as a potential investment property.


Dowler Construction Services conducted an abbreviated Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) with a detailed on-site inspection.  An analysis of the local community and the immediate neighborhood was included.

​​Advantage Realized by Client:

Client was eager to snatch up this parcel because of its low asking price.  After speaking with code officials, two of the units were found to be illegal so the rental income was immediately reduced by 18% (not all apartments would have rented for the same rate).  In addition, the extensive vandalism required that the entire building be brought up to code, and extensive asbestos abatement was required.  Renovation costs brought the total project cost far beyond the client's ROI time horizon.  

Small Investment Property Owner

Tenant Build-out


Client needed to create a new 3,414 SF off-site urology practice for a major medical institution.  Issues to be confronted:

  • Potential tenant was committed to a plug-and-play facility a few blocks away;

  • Space was occupied by an office user;

  • Three adjacent spaces needed to be modified to accommodate the final design and move the existing tenant;

  • Time was of the essence for the client

  • Dowler Construction Services had 55 days which included Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's holidays to complete the project


Dowler Construction Services carefully coordinated the modifications needed on the adjacent spaces to accommodate the existing tenants' move.  Then Dowler Construction Services coordinated the subcontracting firms and vendors for the urology tenant through diligent communications.  All materials were front-load purchased so that there would be no missing items when they were needed for installation.

Advantage Realized by Client:

Both the existing and new tenants were able to move in on schedule.  Dowler Construction Services executed 47 change orders for the urology tenant during the 55 day build-out schedule.  This included post-rough in changes to walls, plumbing, HVAC, electric, fire sprinkler, and fire alarm systems due to evolving requirements from the tenant.  Even with those changes the original turnover date was met.  Dowler Construction Services helped client gain a competitive advantage by luring the tenant from the plug-and-play facility, keeping the existing tenant happy with a smooth move to their new space, and by beginning positive cash flow on time.  

Roman Catholic Parish

Lighting Up-grade / Energy Monitoring


Client sought to reduce electric expenses by upgrading interior and exterior lighting at a 14,300 SF Church and a separate 16,300 SF Parish Center.  Client also sought to reduce re-lamping costs.  Client did not want any out-of-pocket expense.


Dowler Construction Services researched rebate programs offered through the local power company and identified the program most suitable for the parish's goals.  Working with the utility's designated electrical contractor Dowler Construction Services oversaw the implementation of the program and provided quality control on the parish's behalf.

Advantage Realized by Client:

Projected annual saving to the two locations is $9,200 on utility usage alone.  Re-lamping costs were not calculated but the frequency was extended from 2.5 years to just under 8 years.  Dowler Construction Services monitors energy consumption through the U.S. EPA'S ENERGY STAR "Portfolio Manager" to ensure projected savings are realized.

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