June 18, 2019

Facilities are an integral component of delivering services.  They can either support - or impede - the effective delivery of services.  By bringing facilities into alignment with the business’ strategic plan, a Strategic Facilities Operational Plan (SFOP) will clearly lay out the necessary action steps needed to reach the goals of the strategic plan.

Over a 20-to-30-year life of a commercial building, the total cost of ownership breaks down as follows:

        2% - 5% for initial design and...

April 23, 2019

While the recent fire at Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris was catastrophic, it was not a catastrophe. Preplanning enabled the saving of most of the artifacts, including the reputed Crown of Thorns, and enabled the Paris fire brigade to quickly develop water sources. But, lack of proper planning for fire protection led to fire running the length and breadth of the timber framed vaulted roof and hence, a near catastrophe.  Photos provided through Reuters

The background…

At the time of the fire the cath...

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