June 6, 2019

A leaky toilet hidden somewhere in your Church, or rectory, or parish center, or school can lose 6000 gallons of water per month, or 72,000 gallons per year.  

There are 748 gallons of water per 100 cubic feet (CCF). Therefore, that leaky toilet is using 96CCF per year.

Using figures for New Haven (CT), water (for a 5/8” meter) costs $4.138 per CCF of water used. That leaking toilet is costing $397 a year.

What’s worse, in New Haven sewer fees are based on metered water usage at the rate of $4...

June 5, 2019

Availability heuristic. A fancy term that describes how the bias of frequent news coverage can skew thinking that an event is inevitable. Currently, active shootings have a prominence in media reporting because of the many great tragedies which are inflicted.

Prominent reporting of active shooter events has emergency managers, risk managers, operating officers, security managers, and facility managers scurrying to create active shooter protocols. Because these protocols are often hastily put toge...

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