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 We transform facilities into strategic assets



Proper design will improve the customer experience.  Whether that customer is a nervous patient sitting in a waiting room, or a prospective client in your wealth management reception area, both individuals are basing their future experience on their first impressions.  Potential buyers and renters develop the same impressions. 

Dowler Construction Services will work with you to create the proper atmosphere for your office to create the most favorable impression for your prospective and current clients.  An improved work place aesthetic also increases staff productivity which leads to greater profit.

 Strategic Facility Management


Through careful planning, implementation of best practices, and diligence, an owner can easily transform its facilities from a perceived expense to a strategic asset.

Most small commercial owners / non-profits do not have the resources to support a full-time facility staff, nor do they need one.  Their facilities require continual, but not constant, care to maintain, or increase their asset value. 

Dowler Construction Services will provide either consulting or on-site services that will improve risk management, improve tenant relations, reduce operating expenses, increase NOI, improve asset life, improve cash flow, reduce energy and water usage, support sustainability efforts, and identify tax advantages.

Scalable, integrative programs allow owners to "dip their toe in" to see for themselves how much better their facilities can work for them.  Most importantly, Dowler Construction Services will allow owners to focus on their core businesses while having the confidence their facility assets are aligned with their strategic planning.

Community Banks

Community Banks are being squeezed by new regulations and low investment  rates.  Net interest margins are only now beginning to inch up.  Improving the bottom line can be achieved by engaging a third party to perform inspections and assist in managing non- or under-performing assets.

Dowler Construction Services brings together many disciplines to provide community banks with expertise not typically found within the bank's staff.  Often these responsibilities fall on the loan officers.  Loan officers are most effective when producing loans and servicing existing customers.

Whether commercial loan inspections, SBA 504 inspections, assistance in securing and marketing non-performing assets, or assisting in re-positioning a project, Dowler Construction Services will improve net income while reinforcing that special relationship the bank has with its customers.


Dowler Construction Services will transform your facilities into a strategic, competitive advantage with performance-based techniques.  We will help you improve your cash flow, increase asset value, improve risk  management, deliver services more effectively and allow you to focus on your core competencies.


Dowler Construction Services is a Strategic Facility Management (SFM) consultant serving two markets:


  • Small property portfolio investors, owner / users of a facility, and private estate owners;

  • Private schools, religious institutions, and other non-profits.

Both markets are too small for most property managers to properly service.  Typically both markets rely on one or maybe a few handymen to maintain their facilities.  They tend to be reactive rather than proactive and see buildings as a cost rather than the strategic asset they are.​


Contact us to discuss how we can work together to maximize the potential of your facility.

We will develop a cost effective, customized plan to transform your facility from a time consuming distraction into a strategic, competitive advantage.